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What People Are Saying:


"I have been going about 3 times a week since November....I have found a place that feels like I belong and all my friends I bring feel the same."

"I’ve taken a couple classes and have to say they are fantastic! If you are looking for a place where you feel comfortable and accepted at any level, this is the place for you! A “slightly” hidden gem right in Chepachet, RI."

"Great instructors, helpful, welcoming and fun classes."


UNDERGROUND YOGA is a place where anyone, regardless of their starting point, is welcome to practice in an environment where they are encouraged to grow and flourish.

UNDERGROUND YOGA is your source for personalized yoga, fitness classes and wellness events in Chepachet and the greater Glocester, Rhode Island area. We offer a variety of yoga and fitness classes by professional, licensed instructors that can be modified for all levels - from beginner and intermediate, all the way to expert. 

We all start somewhere, just as a spring garden, a new skill, and a novel friendship start somewhere, finding that “something” that resonates with mind and heart is what will help propel success.  At UNDERGROUND YOGA, we have found that if there is a love for what you are doing, how your body feels during and after, and are lighter in your heart when you practice, you will want to continue.





Jamie has always tried to incorporate some sort of exercise into her life, but when she tried her first Buti yoga class in 2013, that was the beginning of the end. The opportunity to share a practice that allows each individual to ignite muscle movement with the use of music as the driving force, was what inspired her to step out of her comfort zone and get certified. She felt the need to share her new love of fitness with others. Her certifications include Buti Flow, Hot Buti, Sculpt, Hot Core, Resistance Bands, & Deep, and Barre Above - Barre Fitness. Besides loving a wide-range of practices, Jamie has a beautiful family, recently received her M.Ed., and works as a full time middle school teacher. One of her greatest desires is to be able to help others believe in themselves. 


Kim began her yoga journey in 2000. After trying various classes and styles she was introduced to Baptiste Power Yoga by Jane Viscolosi. She graduated from "Believe You Can" Yoga School in 2016. Her goal through her teaching is to help people understand that yoga is for every "body" and to show her students, with modifications, it can more accessible for any level. She is a certified 200-RYT  Yoga teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance and certified in Barre Above - Barre Fitness. When she is not on her mat she loves to spend time with family and friends. She works full time in the foodservice industry as a Sr. Director of National Accounts,




Cost per Class 

     Class Costs

     ~ $10 per class; unless otherwise stated (includes both in-person & virtual classes)

     ~ Class bundles (includes both in-person & virtual classes) Pay in advance for as many     classes as you would like. 

        This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a no-nonsense payment option,   but not yet ready to make a longer commitment. 


Monthly Memberships      

     Monthly memberships are finally here. That’s right, for all of you inquiring about a monthly membership, ask no more. Unlimited class access; In-person / Virtual LIVE


   In-person Membership 


     Month to Month

     $150 per month  



     Three Month Commitment 

     1st Month - $135

     2nd Month - $150

     3rd Month - $150



Virtual Memberships


     Virtual LIVE (Zoom-in for any class)

      $125 per month


     We are continuing with pre-registration and payment, at least 90 minutes before a scheduled class. Think of it as a way to commit to your daily workout. Emailing us at downtownundergroundyoga@gmail.com or direct messaging the instructor will secure you a spot. We are also continuing to accept payment via Venmo or through class card purchases. Class cards can be purchased for any denomination and is a seamless transaction for both you and the instructors. Below, please find our instructors’ Venmo profiles for direct payment when pre-registering.


Venmo Profiles

Amy- @Amy-Cardone-1


Christine - @Christine_Gallo

Jamie - @Jamie-DelSignore

Kim - @Kimberly-Hunt-23

     Lastly, be sure to follow us on social media to keep updated on any changes. We are here if you have any questions or concerns.





Located in downtown Chepachet, Rhode Island, Underground Yoga began with one thought - our community. We love being part of our thriving local neighborhood and we are always thinking of new and creative ways to share our gifts with Rhode Islanders who are passionate about yoga and wellness!

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1184 Putnam Pike

Glocester, RI 02814

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