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Policies & Pricing

Registering for Class

Pre-registration and payment to hold your spot is required. We would prefer you register at least 90 minutes before a scheduled class, but please reach out if you decide last minute that you would like to join us. We would rather you try & be admitted than not to try at all. 

Emailing us at or direct messaging the instructor will secure you a spot. We are also continuing to accept payment via Venmo or through class card purchases. Class cards can be purchased for any denomination and is a seamless transaction for both you and the instructors. Below, please find our instructors’ Venmo profiles for direct payment when pre-registering.


Venmo Profiles

Amanda- @Amanda-Gilmore-96

Amy - @Amy-Cardone-1
Ashley - @Ashley-Ciummo

Brie - @Libutti33

Christine - @Christine_Gallo

Jamie - @Jamie-DelSignore

Kim - @Kimberly-Hunt-23

Cost per Class 

     Class Costs

     ~ $10 per class; unless otherwise stated (includes both in-person & virtual classes)

     ~ Class bundles (includes both in-person & virtual classes) Pay in advance for as many     classes as you would like. (This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a no-nonsense payment option,   but not yet ready to make a longer commitment.) 


Monthly Memberships      

     Monthly memberships are available. Unlimited class access; In-person / Virtual LIVE


   In-person Membership 


     Month to Month

     $150 per month  

     Three Month Commitment 

     1st Month - $135

     2nd Month - $150

     3rd Month - $150


Virtual Memberships


     Virtual LIVE (Zoom-in for any class)

      $125 per month



     Lastly, be sure to follow us on social media to keep updated on any changes. We are here if you have any questions or concerns.